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I can still recall my mother's voice as she would repeat "patience is a virture", and the voice inside my head would scream back "that I do not have!"  Even to this day, patience is something that I must be intentional about exercising.  It is not something that comes...


There have been many moments in my life when it has felt as if time has stood still and God, for whatever reason, has gifted a rare moment of reflection.  For me, when recalling these moments they unfold in beautiful slow motion allowing me to examine every small deta...

This week we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary here at Faith Christian Church!  What an exciting time, and I can’t even relay how honored I am to celebrate this incredible benchmark within the history of our church with you all! 

One of the most difficult ta...


What Are You Planting?

Spring is in full bloom all around us!  The birds are singing, flowers are beginning to burst from the barren ground, and soft rains are dancing throughout our weeks.  Every long winter I excitedly await spring.  I dream of the flowers that need...

This week I have been wrestling with what three little words have impacted humanity the most.  Without a doubt, “I love you” ranks pretty high on this list.  Giddy teenagers whisper it back and forth over late night calls, parents lovingly state it to children, and par...

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