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This world is hard, and sometimes it is difficult to find you place. At Faith, we understand that there is a significant difference between creating a HOME, and merely "allocating space". A HOME is where everyone is valued, wanted, and able to contribute. A HOME is not about the building that those gather in, but is defined by the hearts of those that make up the HOME. This means that HOME is not located in a building, but in the    Body of Christ!


We worship a Living God, a risen Savior, and choose to abide in the Spirit of God!

The Lord that made a HOME for everyone. Regardless of race, nationality, social status, ability or alternate ability. Regardless of social rejection, marginalization, poverty, addiction, past mistakes, illness, abuse, or lack of education. Regardless of economic success, career advancement, or retirement fund. You see, we are all made EQUAL in the blood of Jesus Christ. Because we are the HOME of Jesus Christ, then everyone that found shelter from the pain of this world has a HOME with us. You and the people you love matter to us because you and the people you love matter to Jesus. 

Perhaps you have traveled this world, or just Omaha, and have struggled to find a place to call HOME. Sadly, even many churches struggle with merely allocating space for many that experience rejection in this world. We would be honored to be your HOME. For a day, a month, a year, or a life time.


We are a gathering of imperfect people, intentionally walking together, towards a perfect Savior. We grieve together, laugh together, experience life together, and celebrate together. We are a family that have forged a HOME from the hardships of this world in the shelter of Jesus Christ. We focus on building relationships and impacting the community for one single purpose: for every person that feels invisible, ignored, forgotten, and/or marginalized to know that we want you, Jesus died for you, and God made you!

If you would like to know more, please click the link!

A ministry that focuses on Disability for the goal of inclusion, support, resources, education, advocacy and consulting within all areas of  community & church life!

Drippings of Grace Ministries

There is no problem or situation too big or too small for our God! Jesus states in Matthew 18:20; "For where two or more are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them". 


Pastor Lisa and Faith Christian Church would be honored to partner with you in prayer regarding both the big and small things in your life!



Church Council Meeting                                          Jan. 14th                                                                                              @ 7pm

Cotner College Clergy Retreat                             Feb. 10th - 12th   St. Benedict Center (Schuyler, NE)                  

Ash Wednesday Service                                            Feb. 26th                                                                                             @ 7pm


Worship Cafe Service                                                March 1st                                                                                              @ 9am

Maundy Thursday Service                                         April 9th                                                                                                @ 7pm

Good Friday Prayer Vigil                                          April 10th                                                                                            6am - 8pm


Youth Day of Outreach                                              April 11th                                                                                              @ 11am  

Easter Morning Service                                             April 12th                                                                                              @ 9am      



Opportunities to Engage...

Faith Christian Church
2201 S. 132nd Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68022
Sunday Morning Worship:
9:00 am
Sunday School Programming
10:15 am
Lead Pastor:
Rev. Dr. Lisa Renee Sherman
Associate Pastor:
Pastor Chuck Snow
Minister of Worship:
Sara Collins
Drippings of Grace Ministries
Executive Director:
Rev. Dr. Lisa Renee Sherman
Board of Directors:
William Brown
Marilyn Goetzinger
Karen Snow
Educational Advocates:
Dane Haggard
Whitney Boyd
Medical Advocates:
Chris Graff
Sharon D'Louhy
Family Advocates:
Ashleigh DeGlopper
Virginia Ballard
Spiritual Advisor:
Gerry Masimore



It is our prayer that God, the Creator of life and love, will bless the beginning of your married life as you, your family, and friends gather to worship and witness the vows which you will make with one another.


To inquire about premarital counseling, availability, and a detailed list of wedding guidelines, please feel free to call the church office or click the       tab below:






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At Faith, we believe that there are only two things that define a person:

                       1. God created them

                       2. Jesus died for them

                             That's it. Period. 

          How do you define people?

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