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"For what we proclaim is not ourselves,

but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as

your servants for Jesus' sake."

- Second Corinthians 4:5


Discipleship Ministries


Childrens Sunday School

VBS - Vacation Bible School

Discipleship Womens Group

Men's Group

Early Bird's Group

Kamp Kaleo Counselors


Ministry isn't made up of perfect people doing perfect things...

it is made up of people just like YOU!

Normal people, sometimes doing normal things,

for a God that can accomplish very un-normal tasks!


The key to understanding ministry is that one person,

doing one simple thing, can make a significant difference within the life of another person.  You see, we get caught up with things

(money, cars, designer clothes, ect...), but Jesus gets caught

up with people! If one person can make a difference within the life of other, then what can God accomplish with us together?


If you are looking for an opportunity to connect with God as well

as other people, we at Faith would LOVE to begin that journey

with you!








Worship Ministries



Praise Team

Bell Choir

Youth Group


Communion/Offertory Team

Audio/Visual Team

Website Team

Shepherding Ministries

Community Ministries

Open Door Ministries

Fine Arts Academy (Summer only)

Better Things (Jail Ministry and Mentoring)

Drippings of Grace (Disability Ministry)

Partnership with Cody Elementary

Partnership with Rockbrook Elementary

Shield-A-Badge Program

(prayer partners for Douglas County Sheriff Deputies,

Omaha Police Officers, and area Firemen)




Elders Shepherding Ministry

Life Coaching Ministry (Mentoring)

Hospice House Partnership

Don't just go to church...

               BE THE CHURCH!

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