Archived Services

Easter Worship Service:
  Dare to Dance Again
          Ps. 30:5b
Dare to Dance Again:                          "While in Their Joy: Dancing Sure"                1 John 3:1-7
Mother's Day Service
Dare to Dance Again:
"Who Can Withhold? Break Forth!"
Psalms 98 and Acts 10:44-48
"Creating A Home: People Seek Engagement, Not Religion"
Job 26:7-14

Weekly Worship Services

"We Are all In This Together:                   Creating a Movement, Not A Crisis Plan"                  Matt. 5:13-16   
         Pentecost Sunday Service
       "Spirit Poured Out: Dare to Dance Again"-
        Ezekiel 37:1-14 & Acts 2:1-21
Dare to Dance Again:
"With Great Power: Dancing Together"
          John 20:19-31

Current Sermon Series:

Dare to Dance Again:
"By This We Will Know:
 The Dance of Love"-
John 10:11-18 & 1 John 3:16-24
Dare to Dance Again:
From You Comes My Praise:
Guide My Steps
 Acts 8:26-40 & John 15:1-8
The Book of Acts Blueprint:
Intentional Church Life and Growth  in a Post-Pandemic Era
              Ascension Sunday Service
"Gone Up with a Shout: Clap Your Hands"-
               Psalm 47 & Luke 24:44-53
Memorial Day Weekend Service
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"Our Reality, Our Faith, and Our God"                     Numerous Scriptures
"Back to Basics:
Understanding the Early Church"
"Becoming the Community:                         Claiming the Outcasts, the Invisible, and the Forgotten"                   
Luke 14:15-24
"Creating A Home:                                             People Seek Engagement, Not Religion"          Job 26:7-14
"Being the Hands and Feet of Christ:      Serving Those Who Can Not Return the Favor"     1 Corinthians 15:58