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Contemplative prayer is an ancient spiritual discipline. It is a meditative practice where one focuses on specific scriptures and breathing. The purpose is to clear one's mind of outside concerns so that the voice of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit can be more easily heard. 

There is nothing mystical or magical about contemplative prayers. They can merely be a tool that is utilized to help us quieten our soul and help us ground ourselves in the Word of God.

Each of these guided prayers are based on specific scriptures. Beside the spiritual benefit, they can physically help us lower stress, anxiety, and restlessness.

Prayer of Praise
This is a prayer based on Psalm145:1 and Nehemiah 9:6  
Prayer of Submission
This is a prayer based on Psalm 14:14 and Psalm 63:1-3
Prayer of the Oppressed
This is a prayer based on Psalm 9:9 and Isaiah 43:1-3
Prayer When in Sorrow
This is a prayer based on Psalm 34:18 and Rev. 21:4
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