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Drippings of Grace Ministries 

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Who We Are...

Gabriel (age 12) with Dr. Lois Starr
   Children's Hospital- Omaha, NE

Drippings of Grace Ministries is an organization that has been birthed out of the passion for missions that Faith CC has, not only locally, but wherever God points us to go. Currently, Faith CC is in the process of making Drippings of Grace Ministries a 501(c3), Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Faith Christian Church. This means that it operates under the umbrella of            Faith Christian Church, and the two are intimately connected.


We are also excited to announce that Drippings of Grace is an Incubate Participant with the National Benevolence Association!


The key primary focuses are on inclusion, support, education, resources, advocacy, team building, community partnership and consulting for all areas of life! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Faith Christian Church is in the process of building a comprehensive Disability Ministry. 
There is a significant difference between "housing" a program and creating a HOME!         
Too many individuals and families are struggling to navigate life with disabilities- alone.  Often times questioning from the heart of sorrow,  "where is God?" Only to turn to "the church" and be marginalized inside church walls just as they were outside those walls.
Due to the love of Jesus, we know that we are not defined by any diagnosis, what society labels us, or even by how we see ourselves.  We are only defined by the fact that God created us and that Jesus died for us!
If you are looking for a safe shelter from this world for yourself and your family,                        Faith Christian Church would be honored             to share our home with you!
Isaiah (age 9) at Children's Hospital- Omaha, NE after brain surgery
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