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Drippings of Grace Ministries

Church Consulting Services: The Need for Authentic Christianity
People with disabilities are the largest unchurched people group around the world, as well as in the United States.
However, statistics denote that there are roughly 54 million Americans living with disabilities (Survey of Income and            Program Participation (SIPP) data; 1997). Statistics also state that the average care provider for an individual with special needs has the same stress level as an active combat soldier.  Lastly, currently in the United States, emergency responders is the occupation that holds the highest divorce rate: roughtly 91%.  The divorce rate of care providers of specials needs children have a divorce rate of roughly 94%.  Yet, despite these blaring needs, those touched by disability remains the largest unchurched people group.
We know that they are among us in our communities, so the church must ask itself, "why aren't they among us in our church?"
There are many different reasons why individuals and or families  with disabilities do not find your house of worship inviting and or embracing. 
If you would like to explore the possibilities in order to change this, we would be honored to engage in that conversation with you!
Areas of Consultation:
Theological Foundations
Physical Space
Integrated Worship Experience
Integrated Discipleship Experience
Integrated Leadership Opportunities
Mission and Outreach
Volunteer Training
Creating a home, verses allocating space
Nuts & Bolts of a Disability Ministry
Attendant Care
Education and Awareness
Addiction and Recovery
Mental Health
Sensory Implications
Social Behaviors
Food Allergies
Medical Crises Plan
Advocacy & Community Partnership
Re-imagining Church
Lead Consultant:
Rev. Lisa Renee Sherman
   Lead Pastor:
         Faith Christian Church 
   Executive Director:
         Drippings of Grace Ministries
   Masters of Divinity;
   Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
        Area of Study:
   Doctoral Candidate;
   Sioux Falls Seminary
       Area of Study:
       Theology of Suffering & Disability
   Certificate Programs & Advanced Training;
   The Christian Institute on Disability;  Beyond Suffering
                                                               Leadership Training
Community Involvement:
   Police Chaplain with the Omaha Police Department
   Mayor's Commission for Citizens with Disabilities
   Cotner College Board of Directors

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