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Let The Storm Rage!

There have been many moments in my life when it has felt as if time has stood still and God, for whatever reason, has gifted a rare moment of reflection. For me, when recalling these moments they unfold in beautiful slow motion allowing me to examine every small detail. They flow like a kaleidoscope, moving in and out of focus. There are six of these moments that are my most precious. I treasure them and guard them intentionally. The first is when my father took my arm and walked me down the asile of the Twin Spires Cathedral in St. Joseph, Missouri and I saw Adam standing at the end of that long walk. I remember thinking how handsome he looked, but in truth, we were so young and he most

Defining The Path Ahead!

This week we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary here at Faith Christian Church! What an exciting time, and I can’t even relay how honored I am to celebrate this incredible benchmark within the history of our church with you all! One of the most difficult tasks that unfolds before any church and or pastor is that of vision. Defining who we are, what we are, and where we are going often can seem overwhelming and a little bit unnerving at times. As a result, I have discovered that a more simplistic question is a better place to begin any visionary discussions; “Who are we and who are we not?” By defining this question first, it quite often will direct the path of where we are going all

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